Tutorial Description The popular cinematic appearance is no more a fashion only reserved for those movies. Writers and visual artists all around the world apply the color grading for their photos to get exactly the same high-production value impact. Within this tutorial, we’ll reveal an incredibly easy process to present your photographs a striking cinematic appearance. Not only that, we’ve also included a completely free Photoshop Action which you can use to carve tone your pictures automatically. Simple Technique to Color Your Photos The secret to this technique is from the blending modes. We can place a layer of color above our picture, and also use a particular blending mode to immediately apply a split tone colour effect. A cinematic appearance consists of just that; a color in the highlights and its complement in the shadows. Teal and orange, anybody? To do this, we first create a Color Fill Layer (by heading to FX and above to Solid Color). It is possible to select any color now, as we shall be able change it afterwards; here we select a bright, saturated blue. Now, simply change the layer blend mode of this Color Fill Layer from Normal down to Exclusion. This little-known mix mode makes split toning simple: it puts the colour in your Fill Layer into the shadows of your picture, and puts its complementary color into the cinematic color tone photoshop actions highlights. Best of all, it will do this using any colour you choose in your Fill Layer dialog. We recommend sticking with a trendy colour (blue, purple, green) since its complementary warm color (orange, red, yellow) in the highlights can keep skin tones appearing natural. Step-by-Step Download the Sample Picture and Photoshop Action DownloadOpen Image in Photoshop First I need to draw my picture into Photoshop. You can click on File and return to Open…, select your file, and click on the Open button in the bottom right corner of the window or you’ll be able to drag and drop the image into your Photoshop workspace. Double-Click on the Wallpaper in Photoshop Press CTRL/CMD + O Insert a Solid Color Fill Layer So the very first thing I will add is a Adjustment Layer, which can be located in the bottom of your Layers tab. To include an Adjustment Layer, then visit the bottom of the Layers window at which you should see a few diverse tabs you can pick from. The one we’re searching for is your half full of circle, which can be located in the middle. Click on the little arrow under Adjustment Layer and select Good Color. A window known as the Color Picker (Solid Color) should appear in your own workspace. The Color Picker allows you to select Just about Any colour you want

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