Conceptual photography is about ideas, symbols, and themes. It is the perfect way to express your self and make the most of your creative freedom. But how can you produce conceptual photography ideas? For great conceptual photography, then you have to think of an original idea. Then you need to edit your results in a manner that convey your vision. Before you start planning your take, inspire yourself with all these 32 conceptual photos. Photo by OB OA on Unsplash Make Your Background Interact With Your Subject Backgrounds are often Utilized to complement a topic or to make it stand out. You may use clever street art like this to literally point at your subject. It’s possible to use common backgrounds, such as partitions, to earn a theory come to life. A wall with graffiti art can make your subject look like it has wings, for instance. Photo from Lisa Fotios from Pexels Search for fascinating street art in your town. This battle will enhance your street and conceptual photography abilities. Utilize Everyday Things to Symbolise Nature Most people live in places filled with some sort of character. You’re able to go outside and take photos on the local park, for example. The beautiful thing about life photographs similar to this one is they may be interpreted in several various ways. However, what if you needed to 45 conceptual self portrait photography ideas – recreate nature inside using everyday objects? To take the photo above, the photographer used a straightforward purple background, an eggshell, and dill. This may symbolise a developing shrub, finding strength in vacant areas, etc.. Experiment with different items on your home to enhance your imagination. Photo by Singkham from Pexels If you can not find any items, then you can even use your hands. I like this easy usage of green paint. It symbolises that the individual is’green-fingered’ — they have a natural gardening skill. Photo by Alena Koval from Pexels Take Photos in Water to Create a Dramatic Effect Photos taken in warm water, or even submerged, are dramatic and psychological. This leaves water the ideal subject for conceptual portraits. Here are a couple of of many things you can do using water: Shoot surreal photos on a gloomy day; Take a shoot on the beach during the gold hourGive underwater pictures a go. If you don’t have any beaches nearby, take photographs in a tub or use water. The wonderful thing about a bathtub is that you can add coloring to modify the color of your water. Take care not to stain your model’s skin, however! Photo from Dazzle Jam from Pexels Recreate Your Own Childhood Dreams for a Sense of Nostalgia Many Profession photographers prefer to use their own dreams as inspiration for their job

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